Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 8 • July 2000

The Establishment of ISRALEX:

After a previous attempt at Bar Ilan University, attended by Reinhard Hartmann, to set up ISRALEX, the Israel Association for Lexicography was finally founded in February this year at the Levinsky Teachers' College in Tel Aviv, with Tony Cowie as guest speaker.

The first general meeting took place on 20 June 2000 at the Academy for the Hebrew Language, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 21 participants gathered to discuss the new organization, and to listen to a lecture by Mordechai Mishor on "The Activities of the Academy for the Hebrew Language in the Realm of Lexicography", featuring its on-going, monumental compilation of a comprehensive historical dictionary of the Hebrew language from Biblical times to the modern era (the text of this paper is due to be published in the International Journal of Lexicography).

The meeting in Jerusalem confirmed the prime goal of ISRALEX as the furthering of the interests of lexicography in Israel. The association will hold meetings, lectures and seminars on topics related to lexicography, will publish a bulletin, and will maintain contact with other lexicography associations, mainly EURALEX and, hopefully, in the neighboring Arab countries. Its main languages of interest are expected to be Hebrew, Arabic and English, though in view of the considerable multilingual diversity of the Israeli society there should be room for other languages as well.

Membership is open to scholars and practitioners of lexicography from Israel and abroad, and is free of charge. Further information is currently available from Lionel Kernerman c/o Kernerman Publishing, 46 Hagolan Street 69718 Tel Aviv, tel: 972-3-6492715, fax: 972-3-6493712.

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