Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 15 • July 2007

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary (KEMD) is based on the Kernerman Semi-Bilingual Dictionaries series (also known as Password Dictionaries). It consists of an English-English dictionary core with multi-language translations for each sense of the entry, and is available in various electronic media, making it possible to look up words in any language and to specify the language(s) in which results are provided, all going throught the English bridge.


KEMD 1.0 features translations in 30 languages, as follows:

• Arabic • Chinese Simplified • Chinese Traditional • Czech • Danish • Dutch • Estonian • Finnish • French • German • Greek • Hungarian • Icelandic • Indonesian • Italian • Japanese • Korean • Latvian • Lithuanian • Norwegian • Polish • Portuguese Brazil • Portuguese Portugal • Romanian • Russian • Slovak • Slovenian • Spanish • Swedish • Turkish


The English core of KEMD is derived from Chambers Concise Usage Dictionary and includes new English entries created by K Dictionaries (KD). The translations were made by either K Dictionaries or its following partners:

• Alma Littera (Vilnius, Lithuanian) • Aschehoug and Kunnskapsforlaget (Oslo, Norwegian) • DZS (Ljubljana, Slovenian) • EDDA (Reykjavik, Icelandic) • Kesaint Blanc (Jakarta, Indonesian) • Martins Fontes (Sγo Paulo, Portuguese Brazilian) • Media Trade - SPN (Bratislava, Slovak) • Nemzeti Tankφnivkiadσ (Budapest, Hungarian) • Niculsecu (Bucarest, Romanian) • Studentlitteratur (Lund, Swedish) • TEA (Tallin, Estonian) • WSOY (Helsinki, Finnish • YBM/Si-sa (Seoul, Korean) • Zvaignze ABC (Riga, Latvian)


KEMD data has been available in CD, online and mobile versions of MOT GlobalDix by Kielikone since 2001, and will increase to 42 languages by 2008 (,


Online applications are available by Lexico on, and by EDDA on


An abridged 18-language version is integrated into WhiteSmoke’s English grammar-writing software (


KEMD 2.0 is in preparation and will include another dozen language translations, as follows:

• Afrikaans • Bulgarian • Croatian • Farsi • Hebrew • Hindi • Malay • Serbian • Thai • Ukrainian • Urdu • Vietnamese


A KEMD-based screensaver application is freely downloaded from: