Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 15 • July 2007

Lexicography in Asia, Vol. 2

Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia and Beyond


The Department of English Language and Literature of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and K Dictionaries are publishing a selection of papers from ASIALEX 2005, the Third International Conference of the Asian Association for Lexicography that was held at NUS in March 2005, as part of the Lexicography in Asia line.


Entitled Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia and Beyond, the publication is edited by V.B.Y. Ooi, A. Pakir, I.S. Talib, P. Tan, and I.J. Kernerman. The tentative contents are as follows:


·        Introduction · Vincent Ooi and Anne Pakir 


·        Asian perspectives

o       Lexical concerns about neologism in Chinese lexicography · Yihua Zhang

o       A three-way dictionary: bringing Cantonese, English and Putonghua together · Jacqueline Lam, Lan Li and Tom McArthur

o       Survey of pragmatic information in bilingual English-Chinese dictionaries · Saihong Li and Xiuying Wang

o       Grammatical class, tags and lemmas: a corpus-based study of the Malay lexicon · Gerry Knowles and Zuraidah Mohd Don

o       The treatment of greeting formulae in a bilingual dictionary of Gulf Arabic · Hashan Al-Ajmi and Lafi Al-Harbi

o       Words in Asian cultural contexts · Susan Butler

o       Dictionary making in an ascendant English knowing bilingual community · Anne Pakir


·        Pedagogical perspectives

o       Web-based EFL dictionaries: their development, characteristics, and problems · Shigeru Yamada

o       Exploring the potential of learner corpora for pedagogical lexicography · Yukio Tono

o       Electronic dictionaries in the classroom · Shinya Ozawa and James Ronald

o       The benefits of CD-ROM dictionaries in teaching · Monika Szirmai

o       Designing a pedagogical dictionary of English academic vocabulary for Chinese speakers · Gregory James

o       Dictionary use strategies by EFL learners in Taiwan · Da-Fu Huang

o       English learners’ dictionaries: an undervalued resource · Julia Miller

o       Learner perspective for effective dictionary skill training and lexicography · Tetsuro Fujii

o       Multiple word class entries in advanced learners dictionaries of English · Sadayuki Nakane

o       Word combinations represented in illustrative examples in English learners’ dictionaries · Hai Xu

o       Not quite first language, not quite second language either: dictionary entries for learners caught in between · Peter Tan 

o       Competing lexicographical models and frameworks for the ESL context · Vincent Ooi 


·        General perspectives

o       Interlingual lexicography, with special reference to research priorities · Reinhard Hartmann

o       Reverse indexing and customization – future trends in bilingualized dictionaries · Hugo T.Y. Tseng

o       Computer-mediated language: a new challenge for dictionary-making? · Wengao Gong

o       Relational network notation and the intelligent web · Jonathan Webster and Ian C. Chow

o       Linking dictionary and corpus · Adam Kilgariff

o       Narrative and the multimodal contexts of lexicography · Ismail Talib

o       Dictionaries and translation, from art to science? · Ilan Kernerman