Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 15 • July 2007

Academic cooperation

A couple of years ago K Dictionaries (KD) began to cooperate with Lille University 3 in France, offering internships to Master students of ‘Lexicography, Terminography, and Automatic Treatment of Corpora’ under the direction of Pierre Corbin and Nathalie Gasiglia. Since then, another intern has joined the program from INALCO (National Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures) in Paris.


In principle, internships last six months, and are usually done at a distance. The interns work from home or at the university, maintaining regular contact with relevant KD personnel including the project coordinator, supervisor, programmer, and language editor(s). They are provided with software, data, guidelines, support and feedback. Most become involved in on-going KD projects, though in one case an intern initiated an entirely new project, which started from scratch, and eventually became a KD employee.


In view of the experience gained so far, KD is extending its cooperation to universities in other countries. In the coming year there are plans for more internships from Pompeu Fabra University and Jaume 1 University (Spain), the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa), and Ivanovo State University (Russia), and discussions with other universities are in progress.


Enquiries can be addressed to the academic director, Dr. Shaunie Shammass.