Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 15 • July 2007

Research and Publications on Dictionaries and Lexicography

The lion’s share of this issue is devoted to various aspects of books about lexicography and dictionaries. Our drive has stemmed from recent publications originating in two faraway powerhouses of modern English (pedagogical) lexicography, Japan and Poland. In addition, we are delighted to announce our own plans to publish selected papers from various conferences, and to issue a call for papers for a new publication.


Japan has been at a semi-hidden forefront of lexicographic research and dictionary making since the early 20th century. The number of dictionaries regularly produced there is probably well beyond those appearing anywhere else worldwide. What is still usually less known outside Japan is the extent of its research concerning lexicography in general and dictionaries for learners of English in particular, much of which can perhaps be attributed to the geographical distance and linguistic differences involved in this country. The publication of English Lexicography in Japan marks a welcome step towards bringing it closer to the rest of the world. While presenting and reviewing this book we have taken the opportunity to also discuss the pioneering and innovative work of the Iwasaki Linguistic Circle and its annual publication Lexicon.


Poland has emerged into the lexicographic foreground these last few years mainly due to the town of Poznań and more specifically the local School of English at Adam Mickiewicz University. In addition to an overview of this institute we offer reviews of three of the outstanding monographs by members of its staff that were published last year.


As for K Dictionaries’ publishing plans, next year we will mark the tenth anniversary of Lexicography in Asia, a selection of papers originating mainly from the Dictionaries in Asia Conference that was held in Hong Kong and set the stage for the establishment of the Asian Association for Lexicography (ASIALEX), and we intend to publish a new volume of papers explicitely written to celebrate this event. It is our great pleasure to invite all of you who may be interested in contributing on any aspect regarding lexicography in Asia to contact us with your proposals.


In the meantime, we have been approached by the organizers of the last ASIALEX conference at the National University of Singapore with the idea to publish a selection of the conference papers. The preparations are currently underway for what will become the second volume of Lexicography in Asia, entitled Perspecives in Lexicography: Asia and Beyond.


We likewise plan to start publishing selected papers from other dictionary conferences around the world, such as the one held at Ivanovo in Russia.