Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 14 • July 2005

Sixth International School in Lexicography, Ivanovo State University, 2005

Olga Karpova


The Ivanovo International School in Lexicography dates back to 1995, and attracts scientists and young scholars from around the world. Participants have a chance to listen to prominent professionals and take part in first-hand scientific discussions at roundtable sessions.

The sixth seminar was held at Ivanovo State University on 12-14 September 2005, with the central theme of “Lexicon, Lexicography, Terminography in Russian, American and Other Cultures”. Participants included over a hundred prominent linguists and young researchers from universities throughout Russia and from abroad. Discussions focused on current linguistic issues, notably cross-cultural communication, and the lexicographic scene of the English, Russian, German, French and Arabic languages, the latest trends in terminography, learners and  bilingual dictionaries, projects of new reference works, etc.

There were two keynote speakers at the conference. Prof. Heribert Picht (Germany) discussed the problems of scientific knowledge-engineering in language for special purposes, professional communication, a terminology study and non-verbal presentation of special knowledge. Prof. Ken Haseley (USA), discussed effective communication skills in the world of professional communication and the exchange of special information.

Eight roundtable discussions took place along with plenary sessions, and were chaired by leading Russian scientists: Prof. K.Y. Averboukh (Moscow), Prof. L.M. Alexeeva (Perm) – “Modern Terminology Study: Crisis of Ideas or New Stage of Development?”; Prof. G.E. Kreydlin (Moscow), Prof. F.I. Kartashkova (Ivanovo) – “Problems of Nonverbal Communication”; Prof. M.L. Makarov (Tver), Prof. T.V. Levina (Vladimir) – “Lexicology Problems of Discourse-Analysis”; Prof. V.A. Vinogradov (Moscow) – “Contrastive Lexicology and Linguistic Illustrations of the World”; Prof. I.A. Tarasova (Saratov), Associate Professor L.L. Shestakova (Moscow) – “Authors’ Dictionaries in Lexicography of Various Nations”; Associate Professor O.A. Uzhova (Ivanovo) – “Dictionary of Language and Culture as a Means of Cross-cultural Communication Development”; Prof. G.M. Vishnevskaya (Ivanovo) – “Phonetic Characteristics of Various Types of Dictionaries. New Trends in Lexicography”; Prof. A.N. Taganov (Ivanovo) – “Word of Fiction in the Space of Culture”.

The lecture by Prof. S.G. Ter-Minasova (Moscow), “War and Peace of Languages and Culture”, was rich in vivid examples illustrating cultural stereotypes of various nations, as well as difficulties concerning cross-cultural communication. The presentation by J. Tulloch (Oxford), editorial manager of Oxford English Dictionary, concerned the history, development and current state of compiling the OED. Prof. L.M. Alexeeva (Perm) discussed medical terminology. Prof. N.V. Vasilieva (Moscow) discussed peculiarities of describing proper names in various types of dictionaries. Prof. L.A. Solnishkina (Kazan) presented a new dictionary project of Russian marine jargon. Prof. I.S. Keselman (Orel) discussed the dictionary of textual chains with special reference to EFL/ESL. Dr. N. Kassis (Haifa, Israel) discussed Russian-Arabic contacts and ways of describing lexical borrowings in a dictionary. Dr. O.M. Karpova (Ivanov) and her group of young researchers made a joint presentation of the latest Collins dictionaries.


The biannual international schools and seminars held at Ivanovo State University host a growing number of linguists and scientists from many countries. These events in the lexicographic world serve as a stimulus to the further development of reference sciences and the compilation of new types of dictionaries. They have become a unifying force for the international linguistic community, while enhancing the university’s scientific relations with other universities in Russia and worldwide.



The Seventh Ivanovo conference is due to be held in September 2007. The keynote speakers are Prof. G. Iamartino (Italy) and Dr. Ch. Lauren (Finland).



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