Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 13 • June 2005

Les Journées Allemandes des Dictionnaires



‘Les Journées allemandes des dictionnaires’ is a new lexicography conference devoted to French dictionaries taking place in Klingenberg am Main, Germany. It is organized by the Institut für Angewandte Sprachwissenschaft of the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürenberg and coordinated by Michaela Heinz.


The first meeting was held on 25-27 June 2004 with the theme Entre définition et citation – l’exemple and featured the lexicographic example in contemporary French dictionaries as a multiform and plurifunctional lexicographic unit which can be addressed to all types of users for all different purposes in monolingual and bilingual dictionary contexts.


The event gathered some sixty participants, with papers from Josette Rey-Debove, Bénédicte Gaillard, Jean Pruvost, Louis Mercier, Pierre Rézeau, André Thibault, Michel Francar, Pierre Corbin, Alise Lehmann, Michèle Fourment, Martine Courtier, Christiane Tetet, Peter Blumenthal, Franz Josef Hausmann and Michaela Heinz. The proceedings will be published by Max Niemeyer Verlag.


The second conference will be held on 7-9 July 2006 with the theme Dictionnaire Maitre du Langue: lexicologie et didactique and be dedicated to the memory of Josette Rey-Debove. It will highlight the didactic aspects of French dictionaries – their representation, analysis and critique, and cover monolingual, bilingual and semi-bilingul learner’s dictionaries, for native French speakers and for learners of French as a foreign language, for children, elementary French, chrestolexicography, the didactic value of illustrations in dictionaries, dictionaries and grammar, and didactic aspects in big dictionaries.



Michaela Heinz, the initiator of Les Journées allemandes des dictionnaires, has a PhD in applied linguistics from the University of Erlangen-Nurenberg. She collaborated on the editing of Nouvea Petit Robert from 1988 to 1993, worked on behalf of l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie in lexicographic projects in France and abroad, and currently teaches French linguistics and (meta)lexicography in the universities of Erlangen and Passau.



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