Kernerman Dictionary News Number 13 June 2005

The Fourth ASIALEX International Congress


1-3 June 2005



It is our great pleasure to host the Fourth ASIALEX International Congress at the National University of Singapore (NUS). ASIALEX2005 is one of the year-long academic events celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the NUS and is organized by the Department of English Language and Literature, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Asia Research Institute.

The major objective of Asialex, the Asian Association for Lexicography, is to foster scholarly and professional activities in the field of lexicography in Asia, and ASIALEX2005 aims to bring together scholars of language, linguistics and literature in an interdisciplinary forum. With the theme of Words in Asian Cultural Contexts, this three-day conference of aims to examine the functions and representations of words, with Asia as its focus, and has strands with related perspectives in sociolinguistics and language pedagogy, information and communications technology, and literary, cultural and postcolonial studies.

The papers capture a focus on how words assume distinctive shapes and meanings in different cultural contexts. Particularly in Asia, where cultures and ethnicities commonly converge and give rise to cultural and textual hybridity, the wider study of words and language can enhance cross-cultural communication and lead to better understanding of its peoples.

The plenary speakers at the conference are Charles Fillmore (University of California), Reinhard Hartmann (University of Exeter) and Zhang Yihua (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies). Featured speakers include Gwyneth Fox (Macmillan Publishing), Gregory James (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Ismail Talib (National University of Singapore), Yukio Tono (Meikai University) and Lily Wong Fillmore (University of California). There will also be a pre-conference tutorial, Using Corpora, by Adam Kilgariff (Lexicography MasterClass).

We are pleased to welcome also all participants from the related associations: Euralex, Afrilex and Australex. To our visitors, we hope you will enjoy the hospitality of the local residents as well as the sights and sounds of Singapore.


Anne Pakir

ASIALEX President (2003-2005)



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