Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 13 • June 2005

The Dictionary Society of North America

XV Biennial Meeting

Boston MA

June 8-11, 2005



The fifteenth Biennial Meeting of the Dictionary Society of North America will take place this year at Boston University, in the New England area where American lexicography had its beginnings. In addition to the meeting, members will be able to attend events at the offices of the local dictionary publishers Houghton Mifflin and Merriam-Webster.


Papers will be given on a wide range of topics in lexicography and lexicology. Presentations are twenty minutes, followed by five minutes for discussion, and the program will include a forum on dictionary usage open to the public The conference will include a tour of Merriam-Webster and the American Antiquarian Society, and a reception hosted by Houghton Mifflin. There will also be a tour of Harvard University’s Houghton Library and the Boston Public Library’s Rare Book Room.

New England has played an important role in North American lexicography and continues to do so today. It is fitting that lexicographers from around the world will convene here and learn about the modern publishers of American dictionaries and have an opportunity to see documentation of the history of lexicography including American lexicography leading up to the present.


David Jost

DSNA President



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