Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 12 • July 2004

Lexicography organization founded in Taiwan

Taiwan’s first lexicography organization – the Dictionary and Corpus Research Center (DCRC) – was founded on 7 March 2004 in Taipei. This formation was initiated at the plenary meeting of the Taiwanese Association for Translation and Interpretation, held on 20 December 2003, and the DCRC will function as an interest group within the Association. Founding members include lexicographers, corpus linguists and publishers. The DCRC aims to become an active organization of lexicography theorists and practitioners, and to serve as a confluence of dictionary and corpus resources. Its short-term goals include making the general readers and specialized researchers in Taiwan aware of the different kinds of dictionaries and corpora that are available, advising the public on dictionary purchases and use, and evaluating dictionaries and related reference books that are on the market. Its long-term goals include publishing newsletters, books and academic journals, and hosting conferences. The DCRC intends to hold quarterly meetings with keynote lectures. The current coordinator is Dr. Hugo T. Y. Tseng, of the English Department of Soochow University, Taipei. The contact person is Ms. Meihua Sun,


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