Kernerman Dictionary News Number 12 July 2004


According to the transcription rules of the Academy of the Hebrew Language, every dagesh forte has to be transliterated by doubling the letter; however, in this issue, this rule is applied only in the article and glossary by Doron Rubinstein.

According to the above-mentioned rules, the symbol <`> is used for the letter
א (`Aleph), and the symbol <> for the letter ע (Ayin); however, in this issue, <'> is used to indicate either letter.

Moreover, this and other Academy rules are not applied systematically in this issue, especially concerning words and names that are used commonly in other languages, e.g. Avraham not 'Avraham [Abraham], Gaon/Geonim not Ga'on/Ge'onim [Sage(s)], etc.


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