Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 11 • July 2003

IVes Journées d’étude sur la lexicographie bilingue

Le français dans les dictionnaires bilingues
(French in Bilingual Dictionaries)
The Fourth International Conference on Bilingual Lexicography
Held by INALCO (National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations)
Paris, France, 22-24 May 2003
Organized by Thomas Szende
Hosted at the Hungarian Institute in Paris

The purpose of the Inalco conferences on bilingual lexicography is to enhance the cooperation between French and foreign universities and research institutes working in the fields of lexicology, terminology, translation and linguistics – involving lexicographers and linguists, teachers and students, researchers and translators.

Three conferences concerning various theoretical issues and practices of bilingual lexicography were held in 1998, 1999 and 2000. The international audience of these symposiums has demonstrated the interest of the scientific community in contrastive research related to the lexicon and aimed to provide more solid linguistic ground for vocabulary description and acquisition, and for translation purposes.

The focal theme of the 2003 event—French in Bilingual Dictionaries—was selected with the intention to highlight the technical, linguistic and pedagogical aspects of bilingual dictionaries of French—as either source or target language—and to review their editorial status with respect to the following topics:

- The interaction between monolingual and bilingual French dictionaries
- Innovative lexicographical contents in the description and representation of the French language
- Contribution to minority languages or languages in risk of extinction
- What kind of units, properties and potentials to record in a bilingual dictionary?
- The roles of contrastive lexicology, translation sciences, and the didactics
- The relations between the conveyed linguistic information and the adopted formal components
- To understand? Produce? Inform? The actual use of bilingual dictionaries

The conference proceedings are published in Paris by Éditions Honoré Champion, in their Collection Études de lexicologie, lexicographie et dictionnairique, edited by Thomas Szende. The following titles have appeared so far:
Dictionnaires bilingues: Méthodes et contenus Actes de la Première Journée d’étude sur la lexicograpjhie bilingue (1998). 2000.
Approches contrastives en lexicographie bilingue Actes des IIes Journées d’étude sur la lexicograpjhie bilingue (1999). 2000.
Les écarts culturels dans les dictionnaires bilingues Actes des IIIes Journées d’étude sur la lexicograpjhie bilingue (2000). 2003.

Thomas Szende is co-director of INALCO’s Central and Eastern Europe Department and of the Research Centre. He has initiated and organises the Bilingual Dictionary international conferences, and he coordinates various lexicographic, translation, pedagogic and scientific projects, as well as cultural exchanges worldwide. Dr Szende has written, edited and published extensively, particularly in the areas of dictionaries, lexicology, translation, and language teaching and learning.


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