Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 10 • July 2002


The 21-Language GLOBALDIX

The first version of GlobalDix multilingual dictionary appeared on CD and online. It includes 20 language versions from Kernerman semi-bilingual English dictionaries, developed by Kielikone in agreement with K Dictionaries and its publishing partners worldwide.

MOT GlobalDix 1.0 consists of English-English entries that include definitions, examples of use, usage notes, etc, and translation in the different languages. The translations refer specifically to each meaning of the headword, so they are not just a list of equivalents that may vary with context. It is possible to select in which languages to search and receive information, and use the English bridge to translate - indirectly, but accurately - between the languages.

This multi-directional semi-multilingual dictionary can serve users who have a working knowledge of English with their communicative needs, multinational corporations and international organizations, universities, schools, language students and others. It is available for Windows and over the Internet/intranet, as a stand-alone product or as part of Kielikone's MOT Dictionary software that features 30 more titles from different publishers.

Promotion began in Finland, and first licenses were purchased notably by Nokia for its global organization and Sonera for ISP customers. New languages and features continue to be added, the translations are being revised and updated, and the software is being upgraded. Version 2.0 will be released also for PDAs, then mobile phone.

MOT GlobalDix 1.0

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