Kernerman Dictionary News • Number 10 • July 2002


Recent Titles and News

SOCRAT Dictionary

The Russian software developer, Arsenal Company, is releasing PDA versions of Kernerman Semi-Bilingual English Dictionaries as part of its SOCRAT machine translation system.

Arsenal has developed a special compression algorithm to deal with the large volume of data in the dictionaries. While the initial lexical structure of the dictionaries was preserved, special attention was granted to assure good readability on small screens. Font formatting and styling, coloring, and other tips and tricks were used to accomplish this task.

The working area is divided to three logical parts: Word-list, Word Article, and Settings. The navigation is implemented using Windows classic tabs. Words can be entered either via the keyboard or by handwriting recognition. It is possible to connect directly from another application by copying a word to the clipboard and clicking the SOCRAT icon.

To begin with, the following language versions are available: French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish.

The SOCRAT dictionaries can be used with a vide range of mobile computers using PalmOS and Windows CE operating systems. Here is a brief list of compatible devices and system requirements.

· Palm: PalmOS 3.5, Windows 98/2000/NT/Me, 2.5 MB of Available RAM
Compatible Devices: Handspring Visor Deluxe, Handspring Visor Edge, Handspring Visor Pro, IBM Workpad c500, IBM Workpad c505, Palm M105, Palm M125, Palm M500, Palm M515, Palm VIIx, Palm Vx, Samsung Smartphone SPH-I300, Symbol SPT 1700, TRGpro

· Pocket PC: Windows CE 3.0, Active Sync 3.0, 4 MB of Available RAM
Compatible devices: @migo 600-C, Audiovox Maestro PDA1032, Audiovox PDA1032C, Cassiopeia E-115, Cassiopeia E-125, Cassiopeia E-200, Cassiopeia E-2000 (Japan), Cassiopeia E-700, Cassiopeia E-750, Cassiopeia EM500, Compaq iPAQ 31 36 3700 Series, Compaq iPAQ 3800 Series, HP Jornada 560 Series, NEC MobilePro P300, O2 xda, Toshiba E570, Toshiba Genio-e


PASSPORT - Second Edition

The PASSPORT English Learner's Dictionary has undergone its first thorough editorial revision since publication in 1996. The new Second Edition will start serving as the basis for new language versions appearing by the end of the year.

Created by Yaakov Levy and Raphael Gefen, PASSPORT is designed for young pre-intermediate learners, in particular pupils in junior high (lower secondary) and in the upper grades of primary school, and weaker learners in high (upper secondary school.

The language versions published so far include Bulgarian, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Estonian, Italian, Hebrew, Latvian, Lithuanian and Thai. In preparation are Chinese (Simplified), French, Greek, Malay, Romanian and Slovak.

The recent major revision as profited from and incorporated the feedback received from publishing partners in different countries. In general, its focus can be divided as follows:

(a) corrections, changes and additions to the existing entries, with an emphasis on more synonyms and references to American/British English;

(b) the introduction of new entries including (1) new words widely used at all levels, especially but not only in the field of hi-tech and computers (e.g. email, e-learning, Internet), (2) existing everyday words which were not included in the earlier version but are more common now (e.g. ethnic), and (3) new meanings to existing entries (e.g. cool);

(c) in a number of cases, entries specifically relevant to different languages and societies have been entered at the request of the local editor.

The English-L1 section of PASSPORT has 12,000 entries and 16,000 meanings. Each version includes an extensive L1-English part, appendices on the English language and grammar, dictionary exercises, and illustrations.

The PASSPORT Electronic Dictionary is being adapted in line with the recent editorial revision and its software upgraded. The first new versions to incorporate the PASSPORT revision in electronic form will be Traditional Chinese and Greek.


OK English Dictionary

The educational software company Edusoft has incorporated the medium-level OK English Dictionary in two new ELT product lines: English+ Millenium and English Discoveries Online.

English+ Millenium
a new course launched in 2001 for the home user. It is available as a set of CD-ROMs, and caters for different levels of English learners. The following language versions have appeared so far:
French, German, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish.
Currently in preparation are versions for Korean and Russian.

English Discoveries Online
newly-released subscription-based e-learning program, available both as an Internet and an intranet product, for the corporate and school markets. It includes the following components:
· online English courses
· a comprehensive Internet/intranet Teacher's Management System (TMS)
· a community site with constantly updated content
· a comprehensive Teacher's Guide
The first language version currently in preparation is Spanish.


Sharp Korea
Seoul, 2001
Electronic Hand-Held Device containing:
Si-Sa ELITE English-English-Korean Dictionary
Si-Sa ELITE English-Korean Dictionary
Si-Si ELITE Korean-English Dictionary
TOEIC material
YBM Si-sa.


PASSWORD English-Russian Learner's Dictionary
Russky Yazyk Publishers
Moscow, 2001
ISBN 5-200-02884-1
968 pp. 243 x 172 x 45 mm.


PASSPORT English-Latvian Learner's Dictionary
Zvaigzne ABC Publishers
Riga, 2000
Translation: Maija Treilona and Rasma Mozere
Editor: Ieva Tarvida
ISBN 9984-17-232-5
650 pp. 221 x 149 x 40 mm.


PASSPORT English-Chinese Learner's Dictionary
Bookman Books
Taipei, 2001
ISBN: 957-586-945-1
685 pp. 216 x 157 x 37 mm.


EELIS English Estonian Student's Dictionary
Tallinn, 2001
Translation: Ants Pihlak, Kadri Soon, Tiia Rinne
Editor: Helju Jüssi
ISBN 9985-9298-7-X
1043 pp. 221 x 149 x 50 mm.


OXFORD Pocket Dictionary
English-Hebrew Hebrew-English
Kernerman Publishing and Lonnie Kahn
Tel Aviv, 2002
Lexicographer: Ya'acov Levy
ISBN 965-307-033-9
736 pp. 150 x 105 x 40 mm.

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