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Our data is available for all types of media, for educational, professional and general purposes.

We cooperate with publishing houses, ICT firms, the academe and professional associations worldwide.


The semi-bilingual approach to lexicography for foreign language learners was innovated by Lionel Kernerman, a prominent English Language Teaching publisher in Israel. The first dictionary appeared in 1986 for Hebrew speakers (based on Oxford Student’s Dictionary of Current English), followed by Arabic in 1987 (based on Harrap’s Standard English Learner’s Dictionary).

These ground-breaking titles were greeted enthusiastically, and both were approved by the Ministry of Education – first for secondary-school intermediate-level learners, then for the upper level too. After further testing and first-hand experience, since 1996 only the semi-bilingual type is permitted for use in the classroom and in examinations – including the final matriculation.

Encouraged by success at home, Kernerman Publishing began to cooperate with publishers abroad on local language versions. Italian, Greek and French editions appeared in 1989, and many others in the 1990s. In 1993, Password Publishers was established to coordinate the growing dictionary network worldwide. Altogether, about 50 titles have been published so far, and more are in preparation. In 2000, the company and global series were renamed K Dictionaries.

Today, we focus on developing state-of-the-art didactic-lexicographic content for various levels and media, and help our partners put their dictionaries together and promote them. Each publisher contributes their know-how on the local language, culture, and education system, as well as on relevant production and marketing aspects. The result of each collaboration is a customer-oriented product created especially for a specific end-user – a unique dictionary.

In this process, extra data is prepared to suit local specifications. For instance, our team compiled hundreds of new entries for the Norwegian edition – such as relating to snow, single-parent families, and othe issues of special interest – and the publisher added new supplements on arts and sports. The Korean edition, also published in 1998, has additional entries from the syllabus of the Ministry of Education, as well as new appendices on prefixes and suffixes or on historical figures and world events.

In 2001 we started – with our publishing partners – new types of cooperation with information and communication technology firms, diversifying the K Dictionaries series into a range of computerized formats – for CD, OEM, PDA, e-learning, cellphone, the Internet and intranets. These ventures begin to flourish in 2002 – including notably the super-multilingual GlobalDix by Kielikone, the Socrat titles by Arsenal, and the English Discoveries Online course by Edusoft.

The unique features of our dictionaries promise more exciting projects in the future.


the semi-bilingual English learner's dictionary

The combination of an English-in-English dictionary with translation is a significant step forward in learners' dictionaries, and has influenced the concept of lexicography for students of foreign languages. By providing a brief equivalent in the language of the learner, the dictionary incorporates the useful features of both monolingual and bilingual dictionaries, while avoiding their drawbacks. The learner can immerse in the English language, with active support from the mother tongue. In this way the dictionary user is encouraged to read the information in English, whereas the translation serves to provide psychological reassurance, to reinforce understanding, and to correct misunderstanding when it arises.

As part of its user-friendly approach, the semi-bilingual dictionary is visually clear and attractive. The letters are large, the text is uncrowded, and the page layout is spacious. Each meaning of every entry, sub-entry, derivative, idiom, and expression begins on a new line. This makes it easy to find, read, and use any component of the entry.

The semi-bilingual dictionary is suitable for independent learning, whether in school or at home. It aids the user in daily encounters with the English language, on computer, TV, etc. Using the dictionary as a dynamic learning tool also develops general referencing skills – how to search for information efficiently and use it productively, ie, interactive data accessing and processing.

This lexicographic concept is effective also with electronic media. The features of the semi-bilingual dictionary make the acquisition of English as the language of international communication more easy, fun, and fulfilling. This is truly a learner-friendly dictionary.


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Apps Highlights

- English dictionaries with translation into 38 languages

- Expands vocabulary and improves word usage and grammatical skills

- PASSWORD Semi-Bilingual English Dictionaries are designed specifically for intermediate-level learners of English. Each title is uniquely developed to suit the learner’s native language, culture, society and education system.

- The dictionary entries distinguish different senses of the headword and include definitions in simple English, examples of usage, grammatical information, derivatives, expressions, and notes on the English language and grammar. The inflections (noun plural forms and verb conjugations) are hyperlinked to their relevant entries, and there is human-voice pronunciation of the words and phrases (highlighting differences between American and British English).


- Advanced search functions in English or dictionary language, including full text, wildcard and fuzzy search, as well as search for anagrams and of various grammatical word forms

- Copy/Paste function

- Built-in handwriting recognition tool

- Audio human-voice pronunciations, highlighting differences between American and British English

- Integrated vocabulary test to learn new words efficiently

- List of favorite words

- Offline-use enabled

- Search history

- Units converter

- Customizable settings

- Landscape-mode support

- Support for iPad, iPhone 5, iOS 7, Android


K Dictionaries Online

Available Online

- MULTILINGUAL (42 Languages)


- Advanced search functions in English or dictionary language, including full text, wildcard and fuzzy search, as well as search for anagrams and of various grammatical word forms

- Copy/Paste function

- Built-in handwriting recognition tool

- Audio human-voice pronunciations, highlighting differences between American and British English

- Integrated vocabulary test to learn new words efficiently

Available (upon request)

- RANDOM HOUSE KERNERMAN Webster’s College Dictionary

- PASSWORD (Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish)

- PASSPORT (PIX English / Spanish)


- MULTILINGUAL (Chinese, Dutch, French, Japanese, Portuguese)

- MONOLINGUAL (Arabic, Chinese, German, Hebrew, Italian)

- MORE... by request (contact)


Bringing together 44 language versions of the PASSWORD series, this unique app consits of 24,000 enries and features nearly 1.5 million translations. It is possible to devise any language combination, look up in any of the languages, hyperlink any word to the English entries, and have human-voice pronunciation of all English headwords.

Afrikaans | Arabic | Bulgarian | Chinese (Simplified | Traditional) | Croation | Czech | Dari | Danish | Dutch | Estonian | Farsi | Finnish | French | German | Greek | Hebrew | Hindi | Hungarian | Icelandic | Indonesian | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Latvian | Lithuanian | Malay | Norwegian | Pashto | Polish | Portuguese (Brazil | Portugal) | Romanian | Russian | Serbian | Slovak | Slovenian | Spanish | Swedish | Thai | Turkish | Ukrainian | Urdu | Vietnamese

Multilingual glossaries are available for 40 languages, each with translation in 40 other languages.




Dictionary database for 25 major languages, systematiclly compiled and networked in a single frame. Every language is maneuverable in various forms for creating monolingual, bilingual and multilingual versions. The basic core consits of 12,000 entries, including up to 20,000 words and expressions and between 12,000 to 36,000 examples of usage, and some languages are two- to fourfold larger.

The entry micro-structure makes it possible to use the components in different ways, add translations equivalents to the sense, example and phrase, and generate partial or fully bilingual and multilingual dictionaries, for any application, for production and reception tasks, for native speakers and foreign users.


Random House Webster's College Dictionary

A revised and up-to-date version of the world-famous American dictionary. It covers all vocabulary types, from formal to slang, and includes well over 200,000 references. The new version is suitable for mobile, online and ebook applications, and serves as a base for developing bilingual editions, starting with Brazilian Portuguese.


Kernerman Learner's Dictionary

Part of the new GLOBAL series, the English core consists of 17,000 words and phrases with 24,000 definitions and 29,000 examples of usage, and is based on American English with important British variants. The first bilingual versions include Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Japanese and Portuguese Brazil.


Kernerman Advanced Dictionary

For upper-level learners in high school and university, as well as the general public. It includes 50,000 words and phrases and promotes English as the Global Language. The first bilingual versions include Estonian, Hebrew, Lithuanian and Portuguese Brazil.


Kernerman Concise Dictionary

Concise bilingual dictionaries consisting of 50,000 words and expressons, and featuring the most up-to-date vocabulary within a rich system of sense indicators for disambiguation of polysemous entries. The first bilingual version is Arabic.

In Print



The semi-bilingual dictionary is a modern, innovative language learning tool, designed explicitly for non-English speakers. Its main core, consisting of the headword, its part of speech, definition, example of usage, and special notes, is all in English. In addition, each meaning of the headword has a brief translation in the learner's native language. The result is an English-English-native-language dictionary. Most semi-bilingual versions also include a reverse native-language-to-English section.

  • Oxford English-Hebrew Hebrew-English Dictionary (hc)

    Hardcover edition
    Editor: Ya'acov Levy
    Cover: Morly Perelman
    Publisher: Kernerman – Kahn, 1995
    Pages: 910
    Hardcover, 234 x 156 x 50 mm.
    Price: 95 sh
    ISBN 965-307-026-6

    Kernerman Publishing Ltd
    Hagolan 46 Tel Aviv 69718 Israel
    Tel: 972-3-6492715
    Fax: 972-3-6493712

  • Oxford English-Hebrew Hebrew-English Dictionary (pb)

    Paperback edition
    Editor: Ya'acov Levy
    Cover: Morly Perelman
    Publisher: Kernerman – Kahn, 1995
    Pages: 910
    Hardcover, 234 x 156 x 50 mm.
    Price: 95 sh
    ISBN 965-307-026-6

    Kernerman Publishing Ltd
    Hagolan 46 Tel Aviv 69718 Israel
    Tel: 972-3-6492715
    Fax: 972-3-6493712

Junior [Passport]

Passport English Learner's Dictionary is for beginner-to-intermediate learners, in primary and junior-high schools.

The dictionary contains 11,500 entries and 16,000 references, 20,000 examples of usage, idioms and collocations, American and British English, special notes on language and grammar,full cross-reference, hundreds of illustrations, eight full-page detailed color illustrations by topic, various supplements, and dictionary exercises.

Passport is up-to-date and attractive, easy and fun to use. There are six language versions in print so far, and more in preparation. The new electronic version is now available as well.

  • Passport English-Hebrew Learner's Dictionary

    Written by Ya'acov Levy
    Edited by Raphael Gefen
    Illustrated by Liat Benyamini Ariel
    Cover by Studio Shmulik
    Publisher: Kernerman – Kahn, 1996
    Pages: XI + 657
    Softcover 224 x 147 x 33 mm.
    Price: 54 sh
    ISBN 965-307-029-0

    Kernerman Publishing Ltd
    Hagolan 46 Tel Aviv 69718 Israel
    Tel: 972-3-6492715

  • Passport – English-Bulgarian Learner's Dictionary

    English: Ya'acov Levy, Raphael Gefen
    Bulgarian: Blagovesta Balkandjieva
    Illustrations: Liat Benyamini Ariel
    Cover Design: Stefan Kassurov
    Publisher: Colibri, 2000
    Pages: 800
    Hardcover 170 x 130 mm.
    Price: $6
    ISBN: 954-529-141-9

    Colibri Ltd, Bookpublishers and Booksellers
    36 Ivan Vazov Street, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
    tel: 359-2-9559190

  • Passport Anglicko Cesky Skolni Slovniks priklady uziti hesel

    English: Ya'acov Levy, Raphael Gefen
    Czech: Jarmila Jureckova
    Phonetics: James Branam
    Illustrations: Liat Benyamini Ariel
    Cover: Marek Jodas
    Publisher: Fragment, 1999
    Pages: X + 597
    Softcover 223 x 146 x 32 mm.
    Price: 349 Czk
    ISBN 80-7200-254-6

    Fragment Publishing House & Distributor
    Pujmanove 1220, 140 00 Praha 4 Czech Republic
    Tel 420-2-420394
    Fax: 420-2-6922862

  • Passport English Estonian Learner's Dictionary, Inglise-Eesti Oppesonaraamat

    English: Ya'acov Levy, Raphael Gefen
    Estonian: Tiia Rinne, Helju Jussi
    Illustrations: Liat Benyamini Ariel
    Cover Design: Sergei Gluhhov
    Publisher: Festart, 2000
    Pages: 699
    Hardcover 218 x 150 x 43 mm.
    Price: 299 EEK
    ISBN: 9985-9206-5-1
    Softcover 212 x 145 x 39 mm
    Price: 230 EEK
    ISBN: 9985-9206-6-X

    Festart LLC
    Laki 14A Tallinn 10621 Estonia
    tel: 372-6517733

  • Oxford Elementary Dictionary English-English-Hebrew-Russian

    English: Shirley Burridge
    Hebrew: Ya'acov Levy
    Russian: Sarit Tomshinski
    Publisher: Kernerman – Kahn, 1993
    Pages: 403
    Softcover 227 x 150 x 24 mm.
    Price: 44 sh
    ISBN 965-307-024-X

    Kernerman Publishing Ltd
    Hagolan 46 Tel Aviv 69718 Israel
    Tel: 972-3-6492715

  • Passport – English-Lithuanian Learner's Dictionary for Beginners

    English: Ya'acov Levy, Raphael Gefen
    Lithuanian: Rasa Katiliute, Rita Sepetyte
    Illustrations: Liat Benyamini Ariel
    Design: Agnius Tarabilda
    Publisher: Alma Littera, 1999
    Pages: 696
    Hardcover 220 x 140 x 35 mm.
    Price: 36 Lt
    ISBN: 9986-02-734-9


  • Passport English Thai Learner's Dictionary

    English: Ya'acov Levy, Raphael Gefen
    Thai: Parnta Chaitheamwong, Pavinee Thirakhupt
    Illustrations: by Liat Benyamini Ariel
    Published: Thai Watana Panich, 1998
    Pages: X + 494
    Softcover 217 x 148 x 20 mm.
    Price: 195 Baht
    ISBN 974-08-4266-6

    Thai Watana Panich Co Ltd
    599 Maitrichit Road, Bangkok 10100 Thailand
    Tel 66-2-2210111

Medium [Password]

This dictionary is mainly suited for intermediate and upper-level students in high school and college, and for adults. The English database has recently been thoroughly revised, and is fully up-to-date.

There are 24 language versions currently in print, a few languages are no longer available, whereas others are in preparation.

In many countries this dictionary is called Password.

  • Harrap's English Dictionary for Speakers of Arabic

    English: Peter Collin
    Arabic: Nazih Kassis, Terese Angel
    Cover: Stephen Lubell
    Publisher: Kernerman, 1987
    Pages: 661
    Softcover, 221 x 151 x 28 mm.
    Price: 70 NIS
    ISBN 0-921645-00-7

    Kernerman Publishing Ltd
    Hagolan 46 Tel Aviv 69718 Israel
    Tel: 972-3-6492715
    Fax: 972-3-6493712

  • Password English Dictionary for Speakers of Bahasa Indonesia – Kamus Bahasa Inggris Untuk Pelajar

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton,
    Y Levy, R Gephen
    Translation: Anton Adiwiyoto
    Senior Editor: Harimurti Kridalaksana
    Editor: Antonius Bangun
    Assis Editor: Henry Bangun
    Cover Design: Adjie Soeroso
    Publisher: Kesaint Blanc
    1st edition, August 1993
    2nd edition, October 1999
    Pages: 782
    Softcover, 200 x 130 mm.
    Price: 28,800 Rp
    ISBN 979-593-158-X

    PT Kesaint Blanc Indah Corp
    Jl Lontong 9, Narogong Raya, Pekasi Timur, Indonesia
    Tel 62-21-8207554
    Fax: 66-21-8207557

  • English Dictionary for Bulgarians

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton
    Translated by Daniela Shurbanova
    Edited by Zhechka Georgieva
    Publisher: Hemus, 1992
    Pages: 728
    Hardcover, 267 x 207 x 36 mm.
    Price: 650 Leva
    ISBN 954-428-001-4

    Hemus International Publishers
    Benkovsky 14 Sofia 1000 Bulgaria
    Tel: 359-2-875902
    Fax: 359-2-870186

  • Bookman English Dictionary for Speakers of Chinese, Revised and Updated

    English: Peter Collin, Y Levy, R Gefen
    Chinese: Jerome Cheng-lung Su, Chien-wen Wang
    Cover: Joan Ling
    Publisher: Bookman
    1st edition, 1997
    2nd edition, 2000
    Pages: 960
    Flexicover, 210 x 150 x 30 mm.
    Price: NT$ 550
    ISBN 967-586-854-4

    Bookman Books Ltd
    2F-5, 88 Hsin Sheng South Road, Sec 3, Taipei 106 Taiwan ROC
    Tel: 886-2-23658617 ext. 110-120
    Fax: 886-2-23653548

  • Password English Dictionary for Speakers of Croatian – Engleski Rjecnik za Govornike Hrvatskoga Jezika

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton, Y Levy, R Gephen
    Editor-in-chief: Vera Zoric
    Translation and editing: Gordana Mikulic, Anuska Nakic
    Consulting editors: Maja Bratanic, Vladimir Ivir
    Croatian language advisors: Vladimir Strojny, Jadranka Hadur
    Production editor: Zeljka Sambolek
    Cover design: Dubravka Zglavnik
    Publisher: Skolska Knjiga, 1997
    Pages: 829
    Hardcover, 240 x 169 x 42 mm.
    Price: 298 kn
    ISBN 953-0-40207-4

    Skolska Knjiga
    Masarykova 28 Zagreb 10000 Croatia
    Tel: 385-1-4558511
    Fax: 385-1-430243

  • Password English Dictionary for Speakers of Czech – Anglicky vykladovy slovnik s ceskymi ekvivalenti

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton
    Translation: Jaroslav Vacha
    Cover: Vaclav Kucera
    Publisher: Mlada Fronta, 1991
    Pages: 664
    Hardcover, 236 x 174 x 32 mm.
    Price: 260 Czk
    ISBN 80-204-0288-8

    Mlada Fronta Publishers
    Chlumova 10, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic
    Tel: 420-2-24210347
    Fax: 420-2-22781256

  • Password English Dictionary for Speakers of Estonian – Inglise-Eesti Seletav Sonaraamat

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton
    Translation: Margit Langemets, Mai Tiits, Udo Uibo
    Editor: Ants Pihlak
    Layout: Ene Kasesalu
    Cover: Kalev Tomingas
    Publisher: TEA, 1995
    Pages: 855
    Hardcover, 246 x 174 x 45 mm.
    Price: Eek 216
    ISBN 9985-843-05-3

    TEA Kirjastus
    Liivalaia 28 Tallinn 0001 Estonia
    Tel: 372-6459206/7
    Fax: 372-6459208

  • Password English Dictionary for Speakers of Finnish, englanti-englanti-suomi, suomi-englanti

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton, Y Levy, R Gephen
    Editorial staff: Olli Syvaoja, Marjut Karasmaa, Ulla Horstia, Eeva Hogstrom
    Technical assistant: Mikko Laine
    Translation: Leena Taavitsainen-Petaja, Marjut Karasmaa, Jukka Keranen, Ulla Horstia
    Publisher: WSOY
    1st edition: 1993
    2nd edition: 1995
    Pages: 811
    Hardcover, 227 x 157 x 47 mm.
    Price: FIM 158.82
    ISBN 951-020775-1

    WSOY Publishers & Printers
    Bulevardi 12-14, POB 222 Helsinki 00121 Finland
    Tel: 358-9-61681
    Fax: 358-9-61683560

  • Password 2nd edition – English Dictionary for Speakers of French anglais-anglais-francais, francais-anglais

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton, Y Levy, R Gefen
    French: Guy Jean Gorgue
    Chief Editor: Michele Morin
    Illustrations: Diane Blais, Monique Chausse, Marc Delafontaine, Sylvie Gautron
    Cover Design: Marguerite Gouin
    Publisher: Modulo Editeur
    1st edition, August 1989
    2nd edition, June 2000
    Pages: 834
    Hardcover, 235 x 183 x 40 mm.
    Price: CDN$ 34.95
    ISBN 2-89113-699-3
    Paperback, 177 x 139 x 32 mm.
    Price: CDN$ 15.95
    ISBN 2-89113-733-7

    Modulo Editeur
    233 av Dunbar bureau 300, Mont-Royal (Qc) H3P 2H4 Canada
    Tel: 1-514-7389818
    Fax: 1-514-7385838

  • Oxford Student's Dictionary for Hebrew

    English: Christina Ruse
    Hebrew: Joseph A Reif, Ya'acov Levy
    Cover: Morly Perelman
    Publisher: Kernerman – Kahn
    1st edition: 1986
    2nd edition: 1993
    Pages: 904
    Softcover, 227 x 151 x 41 mm.
    Price: 87 sh
    ISBN 965-307-021-5

    Kernerman Publishing Ltd
    Hagolan 46 Tel Aviv 69718 Israel
    Tel: 972-3-6492715
    Fax: 972-3-6493712

  • Ensk-Ensk Ordabok med Islenskum Lykilordum

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton
    Icelandic: Geir Svansson
    Publisher: Mal og menning, 1996
    Pages: 632
    Hardcover, 247 x 175 x 44 mm.
    Price: 2,444 IKR
    ISBN 9979-3-1436-2

    Mal og menning
    Laugavegi 18 Reykjavik 121 Iceland
    Tel: 354-5152500
    Fax: 354-5152505

  • Zanichelli/Harrap Mono-Bilingual Learner's Dictionary – Dizionario Inglese Monolingue con Traducenti Italiani e Sezione Italiano-Inglese

    English: Peter Collin
    Italian: Davide Levi
    Editors: Giovanni Baldi, Alessandra Stefanelli
    Cover: Anna Zamboni
    Publisher: Zanichelli, 1989
    Pages: 728
    Hardcover, 267 x 207 x 36 mm.
    Price: L 53,000
    ISBN 88-08-13518-7

    Zanichelli Editore
    Via Irnerio 34 Bologna 40126 Italy
    Tel: 39-051-293227
    Fax: 39-051-249782

  • Si-sa Elite English-English-Korean Dictionary

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton, Y Levy, R Gephen
    Korean: Chung-ui Park
    Publisher: YBM/Si-sa-yong-o-sa, 1998
    Pages: 1097
    Box, 206 x 144 x 53 mm.
    Price: 17,000 won
    ISBN 89-17-07490-1

    YBM/Si-sa-yong-o-sa Inc
    55-1 Chongno 2-ga, Chongno-gu, Seoul 110-122 Korea
    Tel: 82 2 20000515
    Fax: 82-2-22710172

  • Password English Dictionary for Speakers of Latvian – Anglu-Latviesu Vardnica

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton
    Latvian: Maija Treilona, Rasma Mozere
    Editing : I Tarvida, A Aleks, I Klotina
    Publisher: Zvaigzne ABC, 1997
    Pages: 822
    Hardcover, 246 x 172 x 37 mm.
    Price: 44 Lt
    ISBN 9984-04-385-1

    Zvaigzne ABC Publishers
    K Valdemara 105 Riga LV1013 Latvia
    Tel: 371-7371260
    Fax: 371-2-7828431

  • Password English Dictionary for Speakers of Lithuanian – Mokomasis Anglu Kalbos Zodynas

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton, Y Levy, R Gefen
    Translation: Olimpija Armalyte, Lionginas Pazusis, Dalija Tekoriene
    Editor: Dovile Rimantaite-Svetikiene
    Design: Agnius Tarabilda
    Publisher: Alma Littera
    1st edition: 1994
    2nd edition: 1997
    3rd edition: 2000
    Pages: 1033
    Hardcover, 241 x 168 x 60 mm.
    Price: 60 Lt
    ISBN 9986-02-872-4

    Alma Littera Co
    Sermuksniu 3 Vilnius 2600 Lithuania
    Tel: 370-2-624695
    Fax: 370-2-617927

  • Dictionary og Ordbok PASSWORD engelsk-engelsk-norsk, norsk-engelsk

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton, Y Levy, R Gephen
    Norwegian: Nancy L Coleman
    Faglig tilrettelegging: Olav Veka
    Omslag: Mona Dahl
    Kart: Gerd Eng Kielland
    Publisher: Aschehoug – Kunnskapsforlaget, 1998
    Pages: XI + 955
    Hardcover, 247 x 174 x 48 mm.
    Price: Kr. 320
    ISBN 82-03-32387-1

    See newsletter article: July 1998

    H Aschehoug & Co
    Sehesteds gate 3, Postboks 363 Sentrum, 0102 Oslo, Norway
    Tel: 47-22-400400
    Fax: 47-22-206230

  • English Polish Learner's Dictionary

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton
    Polish: J Fisiak
    Publisher: PWN, August 1996
    Pages: 920
    Hardcover, 245 x 170 x 47 mm.
    Price: 55 PLN
    ISBN 83-01-12004-5

    Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN
    ul. Miodowa 10, Warszawa 00-251 Poland
    Tel: 48-22-6954180
    Fax: 48-22-6954288

  • Password English Dictionary for Speakers of Portuguese

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton, Y Levy, R Gephen
    Portuguese: John Parker, Monica Stahel
    Publisher: Martins Fontes
    1st edition, April 1991
    2nd edition, August 1998
    Pages: 783
    Softcover, 188 x 129 x 40 mm.
    Price: R$ 17.50
    ISBN 85-336-0880-2

    Livraria Martins Fontes Editora
    Rua Conselheiro Ramalho 330/340, 01325-000 Sao Paulo SP Brasil
    Tel: 55-11-2393677
    Fax: 55-11-31056867

  • Password English Dictionary for Speakers of Russian

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton
    Translation: Irina Laduseva, Tatjana Koltsova, Sophie Troubilov,
    Larisa Kraskova
    Editor: Ants Pihlak
    Layout: Ene Kasesalu
    Cover: Kalev Tomingas
    Publisher: TEA, 1996
    Pages: 888
    Hardcover, 241 x 172 x 45 mm.
    Price: Eek 196
    ISBN 9985-843-28-2

    TEA Kirjastus
    Liivalaia 28 Tallinn EE0001 Estonia
    Tel: 372-6459206/7
    Fax: 372-6459208

  • Password Anglicky vykladovy slovnik so slovenskymi ekvivalentmi

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton, Y Levy, R Gefen
    Slovak: E Moncekova, E Mala, M Jakubickova
    Publisher: Media Trade - SPN
    1st edition: 1993 and 1997
    2nd edition: April 2000
    Pages: 863
    Hardcover, 240 x 174 x 52 mm.
    Price: 376 Sk
    ISBN 80-08-02843-2

    Slovenske Pedagogicke Nakladatel'stvo
    Sasinkova 5 Bratislava 81560 Slovak Republic
    Tel: 421-7-55425382
    Fax: 421-7-55571894

  • Password English Dictionary for Speakers of Spanish – Dizionario Didactico de Ingles

    English: Peter Collin
    Translation: Recaredo Sainz-Ezquerra, Arie Comey
    Revision: Fernando Villaverde
    Spanish-English Index: Theophile Ambadiang
    Cover: Alfonso Ruano
    Editorial Director: Javier Odriozola
    Second Edition: Concepcion Maldonado Gonzalez
    Publisher: Ediciones SM
    1st edition: 1991
    2nd edition: 1995
    Pages: 752
    Flexicover, 224 x 159 x 27 mm.
    Price: 2,163 Pta
    ISBN 84-348-6480-0

    Ediciones SM
    Joaquin Turina 39 Madrid 28044 Spain
    Tel: 34-91-4228800
    Fax: 34-91-5082799

  • The Ideal English Dictionary for Swedish

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton, Y Levy, R Gephen
    Swedish: Per Stern
    Editing: David Whitling, Elisabeth Lemaire
    Publisher: Studentlitteratur
    January 2000
    Pages: 864
    Hardcover, 245 x 174 x 37 mm.
    Price: 297 kr
    ISBN 91-564-0411-5

    Studentlitteratur AB
    Åkergränden 1 (POB 141) 211 00 Lund, Sweden
    Tel: 46-46-312000
    Fax: 46-46-305336

  • Password English Dictionary for Speakers of Thai

    English: CM Schwarz, MA Seaton
    Thai: Saiyut Champatong
    Cover: Manit Sangvatanarat
    Publisher: TWP, 1993
    Pages: 634
    Softcover 165 x 151 x 19 mm.
    Price: 240 Baht
    ISBN 974-08-0422-5

    Thai Watana Panich
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  • Number 22, July 2014

  • Number 21, July 2013

  • Number 20, uly 2012

    What's in a name?

    Libro ingabiato [Book in a cage]

    A study of the third generation Chinese-English dictionaries - Xia Lixin

    ASIALEX 2013 in Bali - Deny A. Kwery

    eLex 2013. Electronic lexicography in the 21st century - Iztok Kosen, Jelena Kallas

    Grande Dicionário Houaiss da Lingua Portuguesa - Mauro de Salles Villar

    Kernerman Norske Orbøker

    Observatoire de linguistique Sens-Texte

    Compiling specialized dictionaries differently: A brief overview of terminological projects at the Observatoire de linguistique Sens-Texte (OLST) - Marie-Claude L'Homme

    Using a specialized resource to enrich a general language dictionary - Marie-Claude Demers

    Practical aspects of the description of terms: context, actantial structure and lexical relationships - Geneviève Camirand

    Kernerman English-French Learner's Dictionary: Adapting the translation from European French to Canadian/Québec French - Suzanne Desgroseilliers

    Book reviews

    Pedro A. Fuertas-Olivera and Henning Bergenholtz (eds.). e-Lexicography. The Internet, Digital Initiatives and Lexicography - Adam Kilgarriff

    Olga Karpova. English Author Dictionaries (the XVIth - the XXIst cc.) - Kusujiro Miyoshi

    Olga Timofeeva and Tanja Säily (eds.). Words in Dictionaries and History. Essays in honour of R.W. McConchie - Michael Adams

  • Number 19, July 2011

    Integrating phonetic transcription in a Brazilian Portuguese dictionary - Luiz Carlos Cagliari

    Kernerman French-Portuguese dictionary: Adapting the translation from European Portuguese to Brazilian Portuguese - Helena Sakano Fernandes and Claudia Xatara

    Kernerman Dutch Dictionary - Truus Kruyt

    AABBY LINGVO for iOS apps

    Anthropological and linguistic fundamentals of lexicographic work - Miguel Eduardo Montoro

    eLEX2011. Electronic lexicography in the 21st century: New applications for new users - Iztok Kosem

    Invitation to ASIALEX 2011 in Kyoto - Ai Inoue

    In Memorium: Shigeru Takabayashi, 1926-2011 - Hiroko Saito

    Book reviews

    Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera (ed.). Specialized Dictionaries for Learners - Amélie Josselin-Leray

    Gilles-Maurice de Scryver (ed.). A Way with Words: Recent Advances in Lexical Thoery and Analysis. A Festschrift for Patrick Hanks - Elisabeth Knowles

    Henry Béjoint. The Lexicography of English. From Origins to Present - Anatoly Liberman

  • Number 18, July 2010

    Random House Webster's College Dictionary: A new start

    The Random House dictionary tradition - Charles M. Levine and Enid Pearsons

    The evolutioin of learners' dictionaries and Merriam Webster's Advanced Learners' English Dictionary - Paul Bogaards

    Anatoly Liberman. An Analytic Dictionary of English Etymology - Mateusz Urban

    English Learners' Dictionaries at the DSNA 2009

  • Number 17, July 2009

    Bilingual Learners' Dictionaries Series

    KD's BLDS: A brief introduction

    BLDS sample pages

    The BLDS Italian dictionary core - Palma Gallana

    Dictionnaires Assimil Kernerman, 2009

    Papers on Lexicography & Dictionaries

    Vincent B.Y. Ooi, Anne Pakir, Ismail S. Talib and Peter K.W. Tan (eds.). Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia and beyond.

    Ilan J. Kernerman and Paul Bogaards (eds.). DSNA Seminar on Learner's Dictionaries.

    The Lexicographers - Michael Manis

    Lexicographical poems: an introduction - Michael Adams

    B.T. Sue Atkins and Michael Rundell. The Oxford Guide to Practical Lexicography - Rick Schutz


    A review of the First International Symposium on Lexicography and L2 Teaching and Learning - Zhang Yihua and Xia Lixin

    The Center for Lexicographical Studies, GDUFS

    Seminar on Learner's Dictionaries at the DSNA XVII Meeting, Indiana University, 2009

    Asialex 2009 - Jirapa Vitayapirak

    English Dictionaries in Global and Historical Context - Janice McAlpine

    Internet Lexicography & Dictionaries

    Intertnet lexicography as a challenge: The Internet dictionary portal at the Institute for German Language - Stefan Engelberg, Annette Klosa and Carolin Müller-Spitzer story - Michal Goldman

    KirzeN, the international dictionary - Balázs Sipócz

  • Number 16, July 2008

    Merriam-Webster and the future of dictionary-making - John M. Morse

    Gazophylacium Anglicanum (1689), a turning point in the history of the general English dictionary - Miyoshi Kusujiro

    The feeling of sakura - Are you interested in such a Japan? - Hisamatsu Ken'ichi and Hayakawa Fumitoshi Thierry Fontenelle (ed.).

    Practical Lexicography, A Reader - Rik Schutz

    Lexicography in Asia, Vol. 2 - Vincent B.Y. Ooi, Anne Pakir, Ismail S. Talib, Peter Tan (eds.). Perspectives in Lexicography: Asia and Beyond

    Password - a productive dictionary family - Ruth Mägi

    A first look at Merriam-Webster's Advanced Learner's English Dictionary - John M. Morse

    A new dictionary with a different viewpoint - Ari (Lionel) Kernerman

  • Number 15, July 2007


    Research and Publications on Dictionaries and Lexicography Japan

    A new trend in lexicography from Japan Shin'ichiro Ishikawa - Shin'ichiro Ishikawa, Kosei

    Minamide, Minoru Murata, Yukio Tono (eds.). English Lexicography in Japan - Don R. McCreary

    The Iwasaki Linguistic Circle and dictionary analysis - Kaoru Akasu


    Lexicography at the Poznań School of English - Robert Lew

    Arleta Adamska Sałaciak. Meaning and the Bilingual Dictionary. The Case of English and Polish Thierry - Fontenelle Anna Dziemianko.

    User-friendliness of verb syntax in pedagogical dictionaries of English - Michael Rundell

    Włodzimierz Sobkowiak. Phonetics of EFL Dictionary Definitions - Shaunie Shammass


    KD academic cooperation

    KD seeking lexicographers

    Lexicography in Asia, Vol. 2 Forthcoming Publication

    Lexicography in Asia, Vol. 3 Call for Papers

    PASSWORD English-Estonian Semi-Bilingual Dictionary

    PASSWORD Mini Dictionary Russian/Portuguese

    PASSPORT English Norwegian School Dictionary

    Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary and Screensaver


    Eight suggestions for improving learners' dictionaries - Ari Kernerman

    Future of lexicography - Barbara Kipfer

    ASIALEX now - Ilan J. Kernerman

  • Number 14, July 2006

    ISO 1951: a revised standard for lexicography - André Le Meur and Marie-Jean Derouin

    What does it take to write a new English etymological dictionary today? - Anatoly Liberman

    2es Journées allemandes des dictionnaires in memory of Josette Rey-Debove

    The foundation of AFRILEX - Mariëtta Alberts

    Sixth International School in Lexicography, Ivanovo State University, 2005 - Olga Karpova

    PASSWORD Semi-Bilingual English Chinese Dictionary - Liu Jin

  • Number 13, June 2005

    YA'ACOV LEVY - 1952-2004 Menaħem ben Saruq's Maħberet:

    The first Hebrew-Hebrew dictionary - Aharon Maman

    Review of Wörterbuch Deutsch-Hebrãisch Philosophische, wissenschaftliche und technische Termini - Ora R. Schwarzwald

    Towards Hebrew FrameNet - Miriam R.L. Petruck

    Contemporary English Russian Dictionary: A New Type of Dictionary in Russia - Galina Zakharova

    A Large-Scale Lexical Database of Danish for Language Technology Applications and Other Purposes - Anna Braasch

    If dictionaries are free, who will buy them? - Adam Kilgarriff

    Dictionaries for productive tasks in a foreign language - Paul Bogaards Longman

    Słownik wspóczesny angielsko-polski polsko-angielski: The First Active Bilingual Dictionary for Polish Learners of English - Arleta Adamska-Sełaciak

    Bilingual Dictionaries for Learners - Martyn Back

    Power to the Learner: An Approach towards Pedagogically-Oriented Bilingual Dictionaries - Wolfgang Worsch

    Congress Organization: The academic's buden - Geoffrey Williams

    The Fifteenth DSNA Biennial Meeeting, Boston 2005 - David Jost

    The Fourth ASIALEX International Congress, Singapore 2005 - Anne Pakir

    Les Journées Allemandes des Dictionnaires, Klingenberg 2004, 2006 - Michaela Heinz

    The Twelfth EURALEX International Congress, Turin 2006 - Carla Marello Kernerman

    Dictionary Research Grants

    K DICTIONARIES - Recent Titles

  • Number 12, July 2004

    Microsoft and Dictionary Publishers: Defining Partnerships - Julian Parish

    Dictionary tools in Microsoft products

    Comment - Joseph J. Esposito

    Some Lexicographic Concepts Stemming from a French Training in Lexicology (2-3) - Jean Pruvost

    Lexiculture and the EFL Dictionary - Anthony P. Cowie

    Dictionnaire du français usuel: an innovative French learner's dictionary

    Quelques Concepts Lexicographiques Issus d'une Formation Française de Lexicologie (1-3) - Jean Pruvost (en français)

    Some Highlights of Contemporary Hebrew Dictionaries and Lexicography

    Modern Hebrew Dictionaries - Ora (Rodrigue) Schwarzwald

    Milon ha-Hoveh and Milon Sapir - Mordechay Mishor

    From Milon ha-Hoveh to Milon Sapir - Yitzhak Shlesinger

    Rav-Milim, a Modern Dictionary for an Ancient but Thriving Language - Yaacov Choueka

    Rav-Milim Online - Yoni Neeman, Rachel Finkel

    Milon-Kis Ariel - Maya Fruchtman

    Milon Even-Shoshan, Revisited - Moshe Azar

    The Historical Dictionary of the Hebrew Language - Doron Rubinstein

    A note on the transcription

    Hebrew spelling


    A Glance at Porto Editora - Graciete Teixeira

    Lexicography Organization founded in Taiwan

    Kernerman Dictionary Research Grants

    K DICTIONARIES - Recent Titles

  • Number 11, July 2003,

    The Coming Boom in English Lexicography - Reconsidered (Part Two) - Charles M. Levine

    Instant Yinglish - Google's Top Dozen

    O brave new worldictionaries - Ilan J. Kernerman

    English Dictionary Making in America Today - Wendalyn Nichols

    The American National Corpus - Interview with Charles M. Levine and Wendalyn Nichols

    Some Lexicographic Concepts Stemming from a French Training in Lexicology - Jean Pruvost

    Quelques Concepts Lexicographiques Issus d'une Formation Française de Lexicologie Jean Pruvost

    The Symposium on Bilingual Lexicography, Paris - Thierry Fontenelle

    Previous Conferences and Proceedings

    The Seminar on Computer - Mediated Lexicography - Maria Carmen Campoy Cubillo

    Lectures at the seminar

    The International Schools on Lexicography - Ivanovo Olga Karpova

    The Third ASIALEX International Congress, Tokyo - Shigeru Yamada

    The ASIALEX Landmarks

    A Lifestory in Dictionaries - Peter H. Collin

    Dictionaries by P.H. Collin

    The Kernerman Dictionary Research Grants - Accepted Applications for 2002

    The Oxford Student's Dictionary for Hebrew Speakers - Raphael Gefen, Lionel Kernerman

    K DICTIONARIES - Recent Titles

    Praktyczny SŁOWNIK angielso-polski polsko-angielski

    PASSWORD Angol-Magyar Tanulói Szótár English-Hungarian Learner's Dictionary

    PASSPORT Mokomasis Anglų-Lietuvių Kalbų âodinas Pradedantiesiems

    English-Lithuanian Learner's Dictionary for Beginners

    Dicţionar Ebraic-Român Român-Ebraic

  • Number 10, July 2002

    Dictionaries, another - Joseph J. Esposito

    supplement: The Processed Book

    The 21-Language GlobalDix

    The Benefits of a Product-Independent Lexical Database with Formal Word Features

    Janneke Froon and Franciska de Jong Benedict: an EU Project for an Intelligent Dictionary - Mika Herpiö

    English Japanese Lexicography and the Unabridged Genius - Kosei Minamide

    Sexy Dictionary - Ilan J. Kernerman


    A Tale of Two Tongues: Language and Lexicography in Norway

    The Norwegian Language Background - Olaf Almenningen

    The Current Situation and Lexicographical Overview - Ruth Vatvedt Fjeld

    Developing the Personal Dictionary - Ian Kemble

    The Corpus Revolution in EFL Dictionaries - Ramesh Krishnamurthy


    Translation, the Key or the Equivalent? - Seppo Raudaskoski

    Recent Titles and News

    The Kernerman Dictionary Research Grants

    SOCRAT Dictionary

    PASSPORT - Second Edition

    OK English Dictionary

    SHARP PW-4100S (Si-sa ELITE English/Korean dictionaries)

    PASSWORD English-Russian Learner's Dictionary

    PASSWORD English-Latvian Learner's Dictionary (2/e)

    PASSPORT English-Latvian Leaner's Dictionary

    PASSPORT English-Chinese Learner's Dictionary

    EELIS English-Estonian Student's Dictionary

    OXFORD Pocket Dictionary English-Hebrew Hebrew-English

  • Number 9, July 2001

    The Coming Boom in English Lexicography: Some Thoughts about the WorldWide Web (Part One) - Charles M. Levine

    Password in Hungary - Tamás Magay

    Teaching Lexicography or Training Lexicographers - Michael Rundell

    GlobalDix a Unique Multilingual Dictionary for the WorldWide Market - Mika Herpiö

  • Number 8, July 2000

    The EFL Dictionary Pioneers and their Legacies - A. P. Cowie

    The ASIALEX Second Biennial Conference, Seoul, 2001

    Dictionary Use for Production among Japanese College Sudents of English - Yuri Komuro and Shigeru Yamada

    The Establishment of ISRALEX

    Integrating a Dictionary into a Multimedia Language Learning Program - Fay Ginzburg

    k.dictionaries - Recent Titles

  • Number 7, July 1999

    Back to Future - Ilan Kernerman

    Computerising PASSPORT: Print to Screen - Assaf Siani

    Designing PASSPORT for Computer - Hana Cohen

    PASSPORT Dizionario Multimediale Inglese/Italiano - Marina Gambacciani

  • Number 6, July 1998

    A PASSWORD for Norway - Nancy L. Coleman

    AnOverview of YBM and Si-Sa Elite English-English-Korean Dictionary - Chung-ui Park

    English Lexicography in Japan: its History, Innovations and Impact - Shigeru Yamada and Yuri Komuro

    The First ASIALEX Regional Symposium

    The Lexicography in Asia publication

  • Number 5, July 1997

    The Innovative PASS-Q-WORD - Roberta Stock

    GLOSSER as a Practical Application of the Semi-Bilingual Dictionary Concept - Margit Langemets

    Dictionaries in Asia and ASIALEX - Amy Chi

    Towards PEOPLEX - Ilan Kernerman

  • Number 4, July 1996

    A Dictionary for a New Age Lionel Kernerman

    The Editorial Principles Underlying PASSPORT Dictionary Raphael Gefen

  • Number 3, July 1995

    Allowing a Dictionary in the Examination Room Raphael Gefen

    A Case for a Semi-Bilingual Dictionary for Production Purposes Batia Laufer

  • Number 2, January 1995

    Forward - Ilan Kernerman

    Monolingual or Bilingual, that is not the Question: The 'Bilingualised' Dictionary - Kyohei Nakamoto

    Answers to Open Questions - Joseph A. Reif

  • Number 1 (PASSWORD News), July 1994

    The Advent of the Semi-Bilingual Dictionary - Lionel Kernerman

    English Learner's Dictionaries in the Israel School System Raphael Gefen

    Marketing PASSWORD In Brazil Waldir Martins Fontes

    From Kernerman to Password - Ilan Kernerman



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